The Anatomy Of A Motorbike Insurance Claim

Having to make a motorbike insurance claim following an accident is never an ideal situation to be in – it can be a confusing and stressful time, making the start of the claims process difficult. However if you make yourself aware of the steps involved early on it can make things much easier on you in the unfortunate event of a motorcycle accident.

Be sure to have your policy number to hand when making your insurance claim, as this will help to quickly establish important information about your current policy such as what level of cover you have and whether your payments are up to date. As long as payments are up to date there should be no problems proceeding with your claim.

Next you will need to ensure that your level of motorcycle insurance cover will cover you for the damages incurred in your particular accident. If you only have third party motorbike insurance cover, your insurance provider will only compensate for the damage done to third party property, leaving you to cover the costs of damage to your own vehicle yourself. Holders of fully comprehensive motorbike insurance will be covered for all costs. Fully comprehensive insurance will be more expensive, however it can be a great help if you were to ever have a motorbike accident as it is likely the majority of damage done would be to your own motorbike.

Completion of your bike insurance claim involves declaring all details of your accident to your insurance provider. This includes details such as the date and time of the incident, the location and details of the various parties involved (if any). Details of any witnesses who have come forward would also be good to include as it can help to speed up the claim process.

If and when your claim is approved, your motorcycle insurer should provide you with details of how to go about getting repairs made and replacements purchased. Many insurers have a list of approved garages that are eligible to carry out repairs, with some perhaps even supplying a hire motorcycle. Many policies also include a level of voluntary and/or involuntary excess that you will be required to pay towards the costs of damages, while your insurer will then cover the remaining costs.

When it comes to motorbike insurance, each insurance provider can have varying ways of processing claims. When choosing which motorbike insurance company to go with, be sure to check their small print on how they deal with claims. It will give a good indication on how easy or difficult it is to make a claim through them, and will also give you some idea of how the company treats its customers in general. Try to use a motorbike insurance comparison engine to get quotes from multiple companies at the same time, and so give you access to their terms and conditions all in one place. Additionally you could well benefit from a cheaper insurance quote!

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