Tips For Keeping Track Of Vehicle Maintenance And Services

Most people find it difficult to keep track of when their personal car last received a service or repair – imagine what it would be like to have to keep track of 30 or 40 cars! For people who manage a business that works with a lot of trucks or heavy machinery vehicles, however, this is a reality that they must take responsibility for if they want to ensure that their fleet is in tiptop condition. Use these tips to help you keep track of your vehicle maintenance and services:

    • Tracking Software: You can actually purchase software that allows you to track the maintenance and services of each vehicle in your fleet. The software will also alert you when particular vehicles are due for attention or have been scheduled for a service. Using software instead of paperwork can actually make this process much easier, as well as keep you from pulling your hair out.

    • Serial Number: Each vehicle in your fleet will have its own unique serial number, which it is very important that you take note of. Often, tracking software will allow you to insert the serial number into the system to help you keep track of all the services and maintenance that the vehicle has been subjected to.
    • Drivers: You could also hold each of your drivers responsible for their own vehicle maintenance and services. Whilst you will still need to keep track of these processes, you inform your drivers that they are responsible for taking the vehicle to the relevant places for work to be completed. This will lessen the strain on your shoulders, as well as alert you to drivers that need frequent work.
  • Mechanics: When choosing a heavy machinery or truck mechanic to undertake the maintenance and services on your vehicles, you should make sure that you choose one that will keep their own records and reminders. This could include the placement of a sticker on the windscreen with the next service date, for example.

By implementing each of the above tips into your workplace, you can ensure that your entire fleet is well looked after and is ready to handle whatever job you throw at it. The best advice that we can offer you for keeping track of your various vehicle maintenance and service requirements is to purchase tracking software that will help you to achieve this with as little stress and headaches as possible. Be sure to purchase the most up to date software possible and you will be set for years.

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